Educational Philosophy

As an educator, I endeavor to impart my passion for lifelong learning as well as encourage my students to discover their own love of learning.  I will strive to create an inclusive learning environment that supports the success of all students through differentiation and diversity.  I believe that education should open minds, open doors, and teach students the tools they need for success.

I value and honor the responsibility I take upon myself in guiding our future, today.  I will provide my students with differentiated learning, accompanied by challenging yet attainable goals.  I will guide them toward those goals, providing assistance where it is needed.  And as they grow, I will be their support and their constant source of encouragement.

I will provide opportunities for my students to take part in the ever-changing, ever-advancing world of technology.  Technology has and will continue to alter and shape our society and culture.  Using my extensive knowledge and experience, I will help my students to grow right alongside technology.  My students will gain the ability to use technology for both learning and creative opportunities.  This passion will fuel my consistent desire to seek out new innovations to utilize within my classroom.

My desire to teach is shaped by my educational philosophy.  My views on how to create an environment that inspires children to use their imagination and discover knowledge is how I plan to succeed as an educator while creating a lasting impression upon my students.  If I am successful with these endeavors, I believe my students will undoubtedly be equally successful in their school careers.